9/11 Tribute to those brave men and women who lost their lives, trying to save others.

Begun on 9/12/01

Completed in it's present form, 9/20/01   (With minor tweaking here and there)

Regarding This 9/11 tribute  - it was begun as it happened. The photos on it all were taken by professional news photographers from most major news agencies, both in the US and all over the world. On the 12th, after gathering material from US agencies, I began searching all major world news services, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Perth, Oslo, Amsterdam, Brussels, just to name a few.  I spent several 10 hour days just searching for 9/11 photos.  Why foreign agencies?  Since I am an ex-member of ASMP - (American Society of Magazine Photographers)  I was very aware that New York City is the "THE USA HUB" of every major news agency in the world.  At any given day, there are hundreds of foreign reporters and photographers in NYC.

 This disaster could not possibly have happened in any place in this world where it would have been more well photographically documented.  I knew all of their photos would be outstanding. After searching all the world's major news agencies, I began building this memorial.  (By the way, I'm a 79 Y/O retired professional photographer myself)  I finalized this memorial in it's present form around September 20th, 2001,
With the exception of adding this information to this page, which is also on my main website page
, so those wishing to come directly to this page would be able to read the full story without  having to go through my main website, which is a totally different subject.

Last, there is no copyright infringement in this case since this is a non-profit page and it's only intent is to only showcase those outstanding photographers work. As a retired Commercial Photographer I realize the importance of giving Photo Credits.  Those photos that were titled so I know who they were, have credits. However, since I have no idea who took most of the other photos, unfortunately, I cannot identify the authors.   However, to further protect their rights, I ask that you do not copy any of these photos. Remember these photos are a professional photographer's property and copying them for ANY commercial purpose is strictly prohibited by law without their express permission.   Please respect those photographers rights.  Please - Do NOT copy!
God Bless America!
     Please forgive some of the repetition in descriptions.                                                                                                          
                                                                                    Bill Logan


We will not forget those brave men and women

who lost their lives trying to save others on 9/11.

Not if I can help it! 


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I remember this, do you?
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Page 1 of 7 - on the Attack on America.

This page is devoted entirely to the heroes and innocent people who lost their lives in the Twin Towers disaster on Sept. 11th, 2001 and to those brave FDNY firefighters who continued to search under horrible conditions, and the outstanding job by superb photographers recording history for all  posterity.

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  The majority of the Photos here - you have probably never seen.
This was a day America will never forget.
This is a day that bin Laden one day will stop laughing and very much regret!

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Regrettably --This Page last updated  12/12/01  (except for small tweaking - here and there)
 UPDATE:   I apologize for not continuing to post some of the last of the photos  as new things developed.  However, after three times getting hidden worms inside the downloaded photos from overseas news agencies, each time requiring me to have to reformat my hard drives, after the third time, I discovered where it was coming from -- and discontinued all downloading -- Not a happy camper. Sorry!
Those days I did not have the super security I now have. (Unfortunately)

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If you see a problem, I don't know it unless you tell me.

The photos shown here were taken by outstanding hardworking photographers. My only purpose here is to showcase their work. As a retired Commercial Photographer I realize the importance of giving Photo Credits.  Those where photos were titled have credits. However, since I have no idea who took any of the other photos, unfortunately, I cannot identify the authors.  Since this is a non-profit page -- and since I'm only displaying their outstanding work, I'm sure they will not mind. However, to further protect their copyrights, I have attempted to block  others from copying these photos. Remember these photos are copyrighted and copying them for any commercial use is strictly prohibited by law.  Respect those photographers rights.
God Bless America!


                                         Hello Osamma, I want a word with you,  if -- 
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      Global toll

  Total people from all countries - killed in the Towers
 Death count from all countries      Enlarge --- for a real shock.

     New York
               Before      and  after !         

                                                                               Taken from space     

     The Towers
           T1                            T2                                T2                              T2                       T1&2 





       The Pentagon












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