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                         Canoeing, Kayaking  or Outdoor recreation related  pages.
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    Great Canoes at   
    a great price!                                                                

        backcountry.jpg (4146 bytes) Looking for the ultimate  Canoeing vacation     out of the U.S.?
Click on this link - it will take you to Sweden for an outstanding canoeing vacation complete with transportation,
cottages, fly fishing and much more.   (in English)

        Fath-n-son_kayak2.jpg (8312 bytes) Suwannee River Expeditions Canoe and Kayak site. 
         Located in Branford Florida - where the "Old Dive Shop
" was -- over the ramp.

    "Trip reports and photographs from paddling trips to lakes and rivers, mostly in the north Florida area."      Webmaster's comments.  As a retired commercial photographer, I can attest that this is an excellent site with absolutely superb wildlife photography.  A must see.  (click photo to enlarge)      Local Outfitter and Guide Service at Fargo, GA
Oke TrailMasters provides everything you need for your canoe experience in the Okefenokee and/or Suwannee River. Our canoes are lightweight enough for kids to manage in low water. Canoe rentals include pfds and paddles. Information on water levels, etc. is free, even if you're not renting; our goal is your quality experience, not profit. Check out our website at (Bear with us...we're still constructing. Check back often for additions). E-mail us at or, or give us a call at (912) 637-5163. If we're not around, please leave a message and we'll get back with you as soon as possible. We hope to see you soon.    Whole Earth Outfitters. An excellent web site devoted strictly to Canoeing
        and Kayaking.  Mostly Kayaking. They have just about everything you can think of.  Canoes,   Kayaks, (many)
        Kayak kits (composite and cedar) Camping gear, tours, lessons. You name it - they have it!
      They are in St. Augustine.   This is one if the best Suwannee River and Okefenokee web sites I have seen. (after you get into it) Good  photos and his detail of the rivers  are very good.  Nice clean web site.  I highly recommend you check this one out.  Most of the Suwannee and Okefenokee locations he shows and explains I have been to several times. His descriptions are good and info is accurate.  I might add that he also has good info on other river trips.
         An excellent web site with lots of good information on Canoeing and Camping  on the Suwannee.                                This is a very impressive display of many rivers and also trails of Florida by a fellow who loves the outdoors.  His displays,  photos, and commentary are outstanding.  You will learn about many rivers, of which you probably have no knowledge of. Good to learn more places to paddle. I highly recommend you see this website.  (Webmaster)  John sells several great and inexpensive wood boat kits. Cost under $50.00 and Pirogue weighs under 45 lbs. Chuck Littleton's website about building the above wood pirogues and the kayak seen here. Great site and very informative.   (My paddling buddy)   Pirogue on right (above) weighs only 32 Lbs.  Warning:     It'll make you want to build one.    "Enjoy 26 high-quality images of active people in beautiful settings
climbing, hiking, boating, fishing, biking, scuba diving and more."          Canoe Outfitters -  Upper Suwannee River - Rent canoes and Kayaks and transport groups to put-in and take-out anywhere on the river -- from the Okefenokee to the Gulf.   Located inside Spirit of the Suwannee Campground in Live Oak, FL.  They are also Dealers for Dagger Canoes and Kayaks.    e-mail owner David and Debbie Pharr at   Stockton Canoe Company -- making beautiful cedar canoes , wooden and graphite canoe paddles , kayak paddles, touring canoes , fishing canoes and racing canoes . Brett Stockton , Munger Michigan 989-659-2790 .    A north eastern Florida canoe outfitter.    A great place to shop for  paddles, camping gear,   canoes,  kayaks, and all kinds of quality outdoor equipment ... at  excellent  prices.

   Note --I  bought  my "Northlite Bent" paddle from them  and love it.  They beat all other prices. BL Second largest canoe dealer in New York state -  over 400 canoes and kayaks in stock -  paddles - camping - backpacking and outdoor gear -          Suwannee River Expeditions Canoe and Kayak site.  Coastal Kayaking Assoc., St. Marys GA.      
Greater Outdoor Recreation - Main Page   Fantastic Campground on the Suwannee River     Dagger Canoe  - Home Plant  website.     Everglades Kayaking     Canoe Outfitters of Florida      Florida Bay Outfitters   Camping Facilities outside the East Side of the Swamp.    Wilderness Trekkers - a Florida Outdoors Club

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Grab your paddle, Canoe or Kayak, and lets go paddling the Suwannee River from the Okefenokee Swamps of Georgia,  through Florida, down river to the Gulf of Mexico.