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 photo4a.jpg (27586 bytes)   Our first campsite out of Fargo was on the left side, about 14 miles from town. We estimated it to be somewhere about where Tom's Creek comes in.(on the map - but we never saw it)  Very nice site. More about this site in the book and Video.

  photo5a.jpg (25544 bytes)   Your next campsite should be somewhere about 5 to 6 miles south of Hwy 6 bridge. We found this beautiful site shown here after spending the night high up on a narrow bank. The following morning, just around a right bend we discovered this one  about a mile downstream from where we had camped. Naturally we wished we had known about this one the night before. We stayed here on our second trip.  Note that the water is up in this photo. On our second trip, the water was lower and there was more of the sandy strip. It is easy to miss, keep alert as you go around a right bend and you can enjoy this site.

    photo6a.jpg (25220 bytes)   The proper name for these rapids is "Big Shoals." They are located roughly 5 - 6   miles above White Springs FL. To the inexperienced they might look like fun to run. And I'm sure they are .   However, the major problem is that the danger here (for canoers) is far greater than one might expect.  Obviously, all depends on the water level of the river. (Kayakers have little to no problem) There are times when there is little more than a tiny creek flowing, and there are times when they thunder like a runaway freight. The scene shown here is when the water level was about 5 feet above normal. They are moving! The thing we liked best about the campsite at this location was the wonderful music the rapids made at the end of the day. A hypnotizing song that puts one in deep sleep in a flash. There is full description and info on these rapids in the book and on the Video.

 photo7a.jpg (17419 bytes)    The portage around the rapids is wide and clean. The only worrisome area is pulling out at the portage.  The area is not marked so you must keep alert and watch for the pullout.  It's on the left and looks like a small clear trail on a slight incline. This is an extremely beautiful area. Take time to enjoy it. More info in the book and Video.

 photo8a.jpg (42176 bytes)   This is the campsite almost beside the rapids. It is above water level roughly 20 feet and about 50 feet downstream from the first drop. As you see, it is a nice flat campsite with plenty of room. The river is behind the tents about 40 feet.. Main portage trail you came in on is to the right, short portage drop-down to the left where you will put in.  Next pic shows that section. This is an excellent campsite. The best of all sites we found on the river. We liked it so much, on our second trip we stayed an extra day here.  More info on this site in the Book and Video.

  photo9a.jpg (22085 bytes)  From the campsite down to where you put in is less than 100 feet but here the trail narrows and after rain it can be a little slick and muddy. But not bad! Book and Video cover this also. Video has excellent coverage of all this area, including canoers and Kayakers playing in the rapids.

  photo10a.jpg (25132 bytes)  Be Sure and enlarge this one and take a good look! At high water, you have a choice of two places to put in. Though the second one is less of a drop, we chose the first since we had plenty of manpower and since we preferred the wider area where more people would be able to hold on to lines, etc. The second one is rather narrow between trees.  Though it looks difficult, it really was an easy launch.  Covered in the book and Video.    

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