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- Photos of the Month -
I can't change these as often as I would like --- without submissions from viewers.

The drought!
These last three years of drought plus the breaching of the sill in the Okefenokee, has been devastating to much of the wildlife.
Here you see a dead 'gator on the east side of the sill. (Top three were taken June 5th, 2001)
This photo and the four below, sent in by Jack T. Sandow Jr.

                                          North Spillway of the sill, looking north.                   Suwannee River, just downstream of the sill.

                    The above two were taken  by Jack Sandow Jr. on 3/23/02 - of Big shoals when the water level at White Springs read 54.49
                                                Both were taken from the North side of the river, immediately across from Big Shoals campsite.

Previous "Photos of the Month."
                  Most - but not all - are of Big Shoals -
No reason --- other than that's about all we have had that are "Photo of the Month" material.

The Rock Pile
Otto Hunerwadel standing right in the middle of Big Shoals.
This shot taken by Margie Hunerwadel on 6/4/01
Of all the Big Shoals low water shots below, this is the driest.

                                                                         Red light needed at this intersection!
This is a very rare photo indeed -- of a doe almost jumping a kayak and was sent in by Don Alvarez of Ocala.  The water is Juniper Springs, Florida.  It appears the deer was keeping a wary eye on the kayakers that had just passed her as she started to cross. She apparently didn't look the other way before attempting to cross and did not see Don until the last minute. Quite frankly, I'm sure they both got a huge shot of adrenalin. I'm also fairly sure Don had to change clothes when he pulled out.  (Big grin)


                  Big Shoals again - DRY!  Compare it with the other shots below. The water gauge at White Springs was 51.9

                                                                                                     Icicles_at 20Deg.jpg (213845 bytes)
                                                            This photo taken by F. Schwartz Dec. 2000 -- on the Suwannee --
                                                                            when the temperature was
20 degrees.
                                          Big_Shoals_1b.JPG (37757 bytes)          
   This shot taken by Roy Fralick, on July 5th, 1999 when the water level at White Springs was 50.58  --- Compare with the other shots above and below. By Sandy Hubbard and the other by myself on April the 8th. On that date the White Springs water level was 51.55   Only one foot higher!    What a difference.

                                                                                              Swannee12.jpg (61080 bytes)
                                                                                Sent in by Art and Nancy Coburn.      Thanks Art!

May, 19th, 1999  - Compare the previous photos below to this photo taken by John Moran Senior photographer for the Gainesville Sun.  This will give you an idea of the different water levels.  John's photo was taken looking upstream, from the RR trestle at Hwy 41 bridge,  just outside White Springs, (about 5 miles below "Big Shoals")  What you are looking at is called "Little Shoals" (or was) {:-o))   Incidentally, for those who are checking  water levels from the main page ...  In John's picture, you are looking at about 50.63 at White Springs. (I estimate it was taken approximately the 13th of May, 99)  Just a little lower and it will hit the all time record low.

                                                                                               SHOALS3a.JPG_copy.jpg (22758 bytes) 
  This shot was sent in by Sandy Hubbard of "The Silent Otters" canoe club.  Sandy said this shot was taken on Mother's Day, May, 1998.  As shown here, they are approaching a "Class III .  Sandy canoes the Suwannee often and has made 5 day trips from Fargo to Mayo.   She says those trips were some of the best canoe - camping outings of her life.  She "loves that Suwannee River.".  I wanted my viewers to see the reason I coined the term " like a runaway freight train" when referring to the rapids at high water. At high water, these shoals are the largest whitewater in the state of Florida. 

                                                                                               Shoals_Low_water.JPG (90837 bytes)                    
                         Same location as the one immediately above !
I  took this shot on April the 8th, 1999  Compare this shot to Sandy's shot above. They are the same part of the shoals. My shot has slightly more angle.  Here the water is so low, one could  almost  walk across the river .   Water level reading that day was 51.55  at White Springs.  Use this as a guide.            
Biggg_Gator2.jpg (51060 bytes)                                                                                                                               "Ole Man on a Log"
                                    This (estimated) 12 foot ole grandpa was sent in by Charlie Jones who has a home on the Suwannee river.

If you have a photo or photos of the Okefenokee, the Suwannee River or it's tributaries that you wish considered for Photo of The Month, send them as e-mail attachments. If you do not have scanning facilities, e-mail me and I'll give you a snail mail address to mail them to.

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