Another extreme low water feedback
report farther down river.

Webmaster note - (Probably from about Crooked Creek back to Live Oak)
Oct 10th, 02

by Terry A. Braun

If you don't care for background music, just turn your speakers down.

  Last Thursday, October 10th, two of us, both novices, decided to get away from the office for a relaxing trip down the Suwannee. We used an outfitter out of Suwannee Music Park, (W/M note - Suwannee Canoe outpost) and were taken about six miles up river from the park. Nine hours later we arrived back at the park after stopping at every sandbar and fishing every hole between the two points.

  This was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. Fishing wasn't too bad either.

  Yes, the river appeared to be quite low, but we had little problem getting downstream. Occasionally we strayed toward the shallow side and would drag bottom, but never had to get out the boat and pull it off. Naturally with the river as low as it is there was plenty of sandbars to camp on, but we saw no signs of recent activity. In fact, we did not see another person until we got to Suwannee Springs where a game warden came down to the bank and checked our fishing licenses. He was very courteous, and gave us a few tips on hunting and fishing in the area. Another thing that was conspicuously absent was trash! Other than a few pieces of partially burnt plastic at some old campsites, there was virtually none of the usual garbage you see on most of our rivers and streams. This was so refreshing, and really added to the trip.

  We are already planning future trips including overnighters. Can you provide info about the conditions around White Springs? I am planning another day trip (about six miles) this Friday, and we are looking for another scenic stretch that we can float and fish. Additionally I will need info about local outfitters that can haul us to the put in point. I would prefer to put in up river from the exit point so I am not tied to a schedule to have someone pick me up.

Thanks for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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